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2016 ‘Word of the Year’



Truth and Falsehood
Alfred Stevens (1817-75)

This Oxford Dictionaries article offers some really interesting information about the compound adjective ‘post-truth’. There’s information about the 9 runners-up in the ‘2016 Word of the Year’ competition too. Get reading, guys!

And in case you’re wondering about the picture … the statue represents Truth tearing out the double tongue of Falsehood (after dislodging the mask Falsehood wears to conceal his deceitful face!).


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Samuel Johnson’s 308th birthday!

It’s Samuel Johnson’s birthday today … so there are lots of interesting articles popping up all over the place. For all you budding linguists, here are some links you may like to follow …


Google Arts and Culture has an editorial feature on Samuel Johnson’s dictionary with 25 weird and wonderful entries.

The Poetry Foundation discusses his poetic side – in his biography of Johnson, James Boswell said that Johnson’s “mind was so full of imagery, that he might have been perpetually a poet.”

The Telegraph explores  ‘Who was Samuel Johnson?’

For all you quizzers, a link to a Guardian article, ‘How well do you know Samuel Johnson’s dictionary?’

And why not look at a digital edition of Johnson’s dictionary to find some unusual words for yourself …

I’m off for some quiddany I bought from a quacksalver (a real slubberdegullion if you ask me). Given his stultiloquence, I suspect I’ve been gecked!

Happy Birthday SJ!



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