About this site

When I wrote Mastering Practical Grammar, there were not enough pages to include everything. This site is therefore designed to run alongside the book – or any other grammar book – providing outline information, exercises for you to test your knowledge, and posts on topical language issues.  

There is no detailed information about each key concept. Instead, I summarise key knowledge and key terms at each level of language. You can use the site  as part of your on-going revision, making sure that you know the basics and understand how to use language terminology effectively. You need to be able to apply the knowledge you are developing in wider contexts, so take your time.

The process is easy: first you need to recognise language structures and then you need to be able to describe them using appropriate terminology.

The key terminology is in red. You should make sure that you feel confident using these terms.

The accompanying examples demonstrate each principle in action, with relevant words in blue.  Look carefully at the examples to check that you understand the principle in each case.

This is a work in progress and it’s going to take time to add the main grammar content. Anything I do will be available as I work on it – just go to the WORD tab at the top (PHRASES, CLAUSES and SENTENCES will appear in time!). When I’ve finished a section, I’ll make a post to draw attention to it. 

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