Answers: common and proper nouns in context

The common nouns are printed in red and the proper nouns in green

When I drove into town this morning with Mark and Zoe, the weather was awful. We couldn’t see through the windscreen properly because of the condensation, and the traffic was moving really slowly. We got to the junction at City Road at about nine which made Mark panic because his boss had said that if he was late again he would lose his job. He was working on a big contract with Mortimers’ Motors and if it wasn’t finished by Friday the company was going to find another deal. Mark’s boss, Mr Franklin, was not a patient man and Mark knew that being late and failing to tie up the loose ends was bad news for his prospects. When he saw the lights go red, he just jumped out of the car and headed down Arran Street. With luck, he’d reach the office before Mr Franklin. As long as he was at his desk, looking busy, he’d be fine. Zoe and I were resigned to creeping along until we reached the city centre. Cardiff was never easy first thing in the morning.

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