Answers: writing about nouns (Text 3)

Nouns in Text 3

The nouns are printed in red, and then listed in categories by noun type underneath.

The new GamePlay7 controller has just been released in a very competitive market by NewTecSo it’s out with the old and in with the new. The quality design and the wide range of features makes this the controller you’ll want in your hand. The enhanced grips, speedy touch-response buttons and up-graded motion-sensors make this product a winner. Add to that the re-chargeable battery and the USB cable for fast re-charging, and gaming aficionados will not be disappointed. The promise of downloadable patches means that this market-beater can be used with many older games. The best you can get for the price.

Our rating: a must-have!

COMMON: controller, market, quality, design, range, features, hand, grips, touch-response, buttons, motion-sensors, product, winner, battery, USB cable, re-charging, gaming, aficionados, promise, patches, market-beater, games, price, rating, must-have

PROPER: GamePlay7, NewTec

CONCRETE: controllerhandgripsbuttonsmotion-sensorsproduct, battery, USB cable, patches, games

ABSTRACT: market, quality, design, range, features, touch-response, winner, re-charging, gaming aficionados, promise, market-beater, price, rating, must-have 

COUNT:  controller, market,  (singular), features (plural), hand (singular), grips, buttons, motion-sensors (plural), product, winner, battery, USB cable (singular), aficionados (plural), promise (singular), patches (plural), market-beater (singular), games (plural),   must-have (singular)

NON-COUNT: GamePlay7NewTec, quality, design, range, touch-response, re-charginggaming, price, rating

Nouns and text type

This text is an example of a product review. The audience is quite specific: consumers who are looking for new gaming technology. It is probably designed to appeal to younger consumers because the tone is quite informal. The purpose is both to inform the audience about the physical design features of the product and to make a judgement which will affect whether it is bought or not. The context is dictated by the type of product – the review will appear in a subject-specific setting, on-line or in print.

Five key points about the nouns:

  1. concrete nouns relate to the physical features of the product
  2. abstract nouns provide the positive evaluative comment relating to value (market, market-beater, price, rating), product quality (quality design, range, winner) and potential purchasers (aficionados)
  3. proper nouns indicate brand (NewTec) and model (GamePlay7)
  4. other word types function as nouns: adjectives (the old, the new, The best); verbal nouns (re-charging, gaming)
  5. compound nouns are subject specific (touch-response, motion-sensors, USB cable) or informal and typical of advertising language (quality design, market-beater, must-have)

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