Exercise: finite and non-finite verbs

Read the following sentences and identify all the verbs. Then decide whether they are finite or non-finite, and describe their form using the following terms: present tense, past tense, -ing participle, -ed participle, infinitive, base form.

  1. The weather today should be pleasant for the time of year, with the sun shining and temperatures rising.
  2.  ‘Look over there – the dog pulling on its lead is trying to chase a squirrel.’ 
  3. Police raid ends in dramatic capture.
  4. Children introduced to books at a young age are more likely to become readers because they have confidence in dealing with the written word.
  5. During the electrolysis of sodium chloride solution, chlorine gas was formed at the anode, hydrogen gas was formed at the cathode and a solution of sodium hydroxide was produced.


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