Answers: lexical and auxiliary verbs

The lexical verbs are printed in blue and the auxiliary verbs in red.

  1. Did the police check the site yesterday? I must know what happened.
  2. I do leave the house by 8 o’clock, but time will always be tight.
  3. The drama club has always started at 5.30pm on Thursdays.
  4. ‘Go, before I can change my mind.’
  5. She was choosing which dress to buy for our night out when a stranger bumped into her and stole her bag, which may have had her passport, car keys, money and her identity card for accessing the office in it.

2 responses to “Answers: lexical and auxiliary verbs

  1. Claire

    A2 Language students at Loreto College find this really useful!

    • That’s great. With luck, I’ll soon be posting more regularly and adding material to the grammar section. Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to see something particular covered.

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