Exercise: writing about verbs

Read the following passages and find all the verbs. Then decide what type they are.

When you have found and identified all the verbs, think about the relationship between the type of verb and the genre. What do the verbs tell you about the text type?

Text 1

1255094311685743299Olympic_sports_Cricket_pictogram.svg.medhe stands and delivers (3) and he’s played it with class (8) here is Johnson again (1) coming in fast (2) bowls again (2) Drake on the back foot looking for a break but they won’t get it (2) Johnson follows through well (6) the only way the local team could get back in with a chance is to get something like three wickets and an over or something like that (4) but looks like they’re gonna go down (2) with dignity but they’re gonna go down (3) comes in again (2) and bowls and Drake whips him away through the leg-side field for an easy single (3) such a measured performance he’ll know he’s taken five off the over that’s more than enough (4) pitch really flattened out now (3) the visitors are not counting their chickens just yet (7) but they’ve been on top for most of this match (6) in comes Johnson with a ball there aah and it’s still Drake out there steering them towards what seemed an unlikely victory earlier (5) Drake has been the man thwarting the homeside  (3) he’s completely and utterly dominated this game

Cricket commentary


Text 2

Washing was a skill. I have watched my mother twist the clothes into a spiral pole as long as her arm as she wrung out the water. Then Mangle_at_the_Apprentice_House,_Quary_Bank_Millthe rinsing, and after that the blue bag dip. But the mangle was the magic. My father bought one for my mother as soon as he had a bit of spare money. Not everyone could afford one and it was our pride and joy. I can see my mother now, turning and tossing sheets into the air, twisting, folding, mangling. Then she would hang it all on the long line in the garden to blow in the weather – whatever the weather. That long back garden was full of washing winter and summer. I had to pass her the gypsy-made wooden pegs as she stretched to hang the washing. And I had to help her carry it in, remembering winters when the clothes were so stiff they wouldn’t pass through the door.

Daisy, A Norfolk Childhood, Hilda Hobart (born 1914)


Text 3


Slide-sensation student slithers to victory

1194985823890195425hotel_icon_waterslide_ge_01.svg.medOne lucky student has recently landed a splash-tastic job working for a well-known international water-resort chain.

Tim Smith, 22, sailed through the heats beating off fierce competition.  In the finals, he struck gold with his slick moves, sliding and skidding to victory with style.

For his new job, Tim will have to rate the slides at top resorts and record his travel experiences in a blog. And he’s up for it.

‘I can’t believe they’re paying me to play,”  said the triumphant winner. ‘I’ll be travelling the world and paying off my student loan at the same time.’

News in Brief, national tabloid


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