Exercise: writing about nouns

Read the following passages and find all the nouns. Then decide what type they are.

When you have identified all the nouns, think about the relationship between the type of noun and the genre. What do the nouns tell you about the text type?

Text 1

The Woodstock. There are some loose components and 5 bundles contained in this Green Fingers greenhouse pack. Check all items before starting construction. Loose items consist of 1 door head, 1 bottom door guide, 3 door panels, 4 wall ties, 2 panel edge clamps, 3 roof ties, 105m glazing strip, 1.25m x 6mm woolpile, 4.6m x 9mm woolpile, 1.7m door seal, assembly instructions, 1 vent hinge, 1 screw kit …   


Text 2

Seventy years ago, Europe was being torn apart by its second catastrophic conflict in a generation. A war which saw the streets of European cities strewn with rubble. The skies of London lit by flames night after night. And millions dead across the world in the battle for peace and liberty.

As we remember their sacrifice, so we should also remember how the shift in Europe from war to sustained peace came about. It did not happen like a change in the weather. It happened because of determined work over generations. A commitment to friendship and a resolve never to re-visit that dark past …

‘Britain and Europe: Membership of the European Union’, 

David Cameron, London Headquarters of Bloomberg (January 2013)


Text 3

The new GamePlay7 controller has just been released in a very competitive market by NewTec. So it’s out with the old and in with the new. The quality design and the wide range of features makes this the controller you’ll want in your hand. The enhanced grips, speedy touch-response buttons and up-graded motion-sensors make this product a winner. Add to that the re-chargeable battery and the USB cable for fast re-charging, and gaming aficionados will not be disappointed. The promise of downloadable patches means that this market-beater can be used with many older games. The best you can get for the price.

Our rating: a must-have!


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