Exercise: multi-word verbs

Read the following sentences and find all the verbs. Then decide which ones are multi-word verbs, and which verbs are followed by a prepositional phrase (preposition + determiner + noun). Remember that multi-word verbs can usually be replaced by a single, more formal verb. Can you think of an alternative in each case?

  1. We signed in so that we could get our keys before we went to the meeting.
  2. The girl looked into his eyes and smiled.
  3. Why should you stand by someone who has lied repeatedly?
  4. The child ran over the beach to build a sandcastle beside the sea.
  5. The newly married couple signed in the registrar’s book.
  6. The councillor promised to look into the problems caused by the potholes.
  7. ‘I could stand by the wall so that the wind isn’t too cold.’
  8. The driver ran over the cat and did not stop.


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